CleanTech Capital is an international corporate & project finance and mergers & acquisitions firm for clean technologies and renewable energies with offices in Europe, North America and South America.

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CleanTech Capital provides business development, corporate and project finance, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring services in the clean technology and renewable energy sector. CleanTech Capital has offices in Europe, North America & South America.

We give advice and offer hands-on business development and transaction execution services to listed and private companies, international and domestic utilities, entrepreneurs and institutional investors.

If you require hands-on and experienced transactors, valuation experts, project managers or interim managers with own business and investment track record we should be your partner.

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GE buys LM Wind Power from Doughty Hanson for € 1.5 bn


Acquisition from 2001 - LM Wind Power is GE’s largest blade supplier. Jérôme Pécresse, CEO of GE Renewable Energy: ”We’ll be more local, have more flexibility and knowledge in turbine design and supply, and more ability to innovate and reduce product costs, while improving turbine performance.”

China Three Gorges take over Big Hydro assets in Brazil for $1.2 bn


Duke Energy to focus on regulated U.S. power business - The assets include eight hydroelectric plants with a total of 2,057 MW capacity on the border of Sao Paulo and Parana states. Duke is in negotiations to sell more assets in South America.

Innogy SE valued at € 20bn, 25% sold for € 5 bn


Largest IPO in Germany since 2000 - RWE was able to place a larger stake at the top end of the range. Nevertheless, RWE shares lost more than 5% upon the IPO. Two companies but one CEO. Shareholder discount the IPO proceeds.

Susi Partners raised EUR 382.5 mn Renewable Energy Fund II


EUR 82.5 mn above target - Otto von Troschke, CEO, “We have the pipeline and now we see for SUSI that the funds are getting bigger.” “We see that generally institutional investors have become quite familiar with the risk-return profile of renewable energy,”

EU ratifies Paris Agreement after UK approval


UK has not signed it - Keith Taylor, MEP for the South East and a member of the European Parliament's Environmental Committee: "Again, the UK follows, begrudgingly, where the EU leads, with Theresa May failing to provide any clarity on her plan to ratify the Paris Agreement 'sometime before 2017' ”


Investments and M&A in China

2016/10/17 - 2016/10/22

Kunshan - Foshan - Hangzhou - match making and strategic partnership in three provinces, organized by CIIPA

Nordic Venture Forum

2016/11/08 - 2016/11/08

Copenhagen - the 14th edition of the Nordic Venture Forum (NVF) will take place at the Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel.

Italian Tech Tour 2016

2016/11/15 - 2016/11/17

Torino / Roma - The Italian Tech Tour is a meeting platform for 30 growth companies and 20 emerging companies selected by a Selection Committee with 80+ Italian and international venture capital and corporate investors and partners attending the 3 day event.

German Equity Forum

2016/11/21 - 2016/11/23

Frankfurt - German largest mid market analyst conference, 200 company presentations and >2.500 1-on-1 meetings between listed and going public companies and institutional, PE and VC investors

Cleantech Summit 2016

2016/11/23 - 2016/11/23

Rotterdam - meet us for presentations and one2ones