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CleanTech Capital provides business development, corporate and project finance, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring services in the clean technology and renewable energy sector. CleanTech Capital has offices in Europe, North America & South America.

We give advice and offer hands-on business development and transaction execution services to listed and private companies, international and domestic utilities, entrepreneurs and institutional investors.

If you require hands-on and experienced transactors, valuation experts, project managers or interim managers with own business and investment track record we should be your partner.

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Innogy EBITDA down 7%


Share price down almost 15% since IPO a month ago - For 2016, innogy continues to expect EBITDA of € 4.1 - 4.4 bn, and € 4.3 - 4.7 bn in 2017. Enterprise value € 36 bn on nine months revenues of € 31.5 bn

German government agrees on Klimaschutzplan 2050


reduction on CO2 emissions but no firm exit plan for lignite power plants - Lignite exploration in former East Germany and Ruhrgebiet shall continue until alternative jobs are available. Review by 2018-

E.ON down 25% since Uniper spin-off two months ago


Net loss of € 9.3 bn is exclusively attributable to discontinued operations and is not cash-effective - Impairement test of € 6.1 bn led to a net loss of € 9.3 bn. 9 months adjusted EBIT in core business up 13% to € 1.9 bn.

Engie to close down world´s dirtiest coal power plant (according to OECD 2005): 1600 MW Hazelwood power plant in Australia


Melbourne, Australia - Alex Keisser, CEO Engie Australia: “Engie in Australia would need to invest many hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure viable and, most importantly, continued safe operation,” “Given current and forecast market conditions, that level of investment cannot be justified.” The power plant employ approx. 750 people.

Macquarie plans to invest NT-$ 25 bn (US-$ 792 mn) over next 3 yrs in Taiwan´s renewable energy


LOI signed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to build offshore wind farms - Referring to South Korea, where Macquarie earns a 6 to 7 percent return on its infrastructure investments Macquarie chairman John Walker said he expects a similar return in Taiwan, but added that Taipei needs to raise the wholesale price for “renewable” energy.


Energy Storage 2017

2017/02/08 - 2017/02/09

Paris - discuss the current challenges of the energy storage market and review the latest developments with the industry leaders in technology and operations.

Tech Tour Growth Forum 2017

2017/03/30 - 2017/03/31

Geneva & Lausanne - the top 50 growth companies in Europe will be selected and presented by there CEOs