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A new breed of wind parc developers in Germany is emerging in domestic on-shore wind business


65 out of 70 license winners are dressed-up as community (cooperative) projects - Apparently the hurdles are so much lower and they face little risk in applying: they get granted a license and they get the best (=highest) FIT marginally accepted in the auction. And it remains to be seen whether the qualification criteria will ever be verified. However, as this was not a level playing field (cooperative projects can enter the auction at a much earlier stage), it needs to be seen how many of these awarded projects will be realized.

Price erosion and IRR erosion in German wind market


FIT (Feed-in Tariff) down 30% to 5.71 cents per kwh - Lowest Bid 5.71 cents per kwh compared to 8.03 €-Cents (current FIT). Highest Bid: nothing. Really? YES, 96% of the rewarded volume was allocated to cooperative bids that do not participate in the bidding process. The lowest offers (for a total of 50 MW) of a bidding volume of 1.6 GW (excl. cooperative offers) made the price. Although cooperative bidders now have 54 months to implement their projects (compared to 30 months for private developers), it needs to be seen how many will be realized in 5 years. We will not need a FIT by that time anyway.

KfW issued 8 yr 0.25% € 2 bn Green Bond


€ 3.7 bn order book - The bond was priced at mid-swaps -30bp and offered a spread of 22.7bp over Bund. 49% demand from Asian investors. The book was driven by orders from central banks (52%), followed by banks (23%) and asset manager (22%).

AES Tiete Energia, Brazil, acquired 15 wind farms with 230 turbines and 386 MW capacity (Alto Sertão II) in Bahia for R $ 600 mn ($193 mn)


Closing expected in Q3 - Ítalo Freitas, AES Tietê´s president: "This is an important step for AES Tietê in fulfilling its growth strategy, in which we want to be a basically renewable company with portfolio diversification,"

€2.8 bn 600MW offshore wind project Gemini 58 km north of Holland goes live


150 MW 4 MW turbines, Canadian developer - Renewable energy for almost 800´000 inhabitants. NL still is heavily dependent on fossil fuels (up to 95% of its energy supply) according to a 2016 report from the ministry of economics affairs. The Dutch government has committed to ensuring 14% of its energy comes from renewable sources such as wind and solar power by 2020, and 16% by 2023, with the aim of being carbon neutral by 2050.


Intersolar Munich 2017

2017/05/30 - 2017/06/02

Trade Center Munich - The world´s leading Solar Energy conference and exhibitions

EWEA / Wind Europe Offshore Wind Energy 2017

2017/06/06 - 2017/06/08

London - the leading offshore wind conference and exhibition

Offshore Energy 2017

2017/10/09 - 2017/10/11

Amsterdam - Annual Offshore Wind Conference and Exhibition

Cleantech Summit Rotterdam

2017/10/22 - 2017/10/22

Rotterdam - showcasing the best investment opportunities within the cleantech industry in Europe

Wind Europe 2017 (EWEA)

2017/11/28 - 2017/11/30

Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre - the most important wind industry gathering in Europe